About Us

image02Work, Family, Social – At any occasion, we all want to look beautiful and feel good.

We, Vivace Eyelash Extension Professionals, are here to make that happen. Because we work with each client closely through an in-depth consultation, we are able to bring out and enhance your best qualities and meet your specific wishes.

What is Eyelash Extension?

Unlike the extension kits sold in stores, the eyelash extension procedure is a meticulous technique by which, one by one, synthetic eyelash extensions are attached to your eyelashes. Once in place, the eyelash extension will last 3-5 weeks or even longer. It’s resistant to water and sweat so you can enjoy yourself at the beach, at work, or at the gym without worrying about your mascara smudging and smearing. There are various lengths, volume and curl types to choose from to achieve your desired look.